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Kantor & Industri

perfume Scent Coffe New Edition



Harga : Rp100,000.00(Nego)
Type : Di Jual
Waktu : 09/21/2018
Kondisi : Baru
Lokasi : JL. Dr wahidin 143c semarang

I Perfume Scents New Edition

Slide into Freshness

Air Freshening for upt to 60 days

Fun , bright and convenient packaging

Available in many of our most popular fragrance

Instructions of use

for maximum strength

remove top lid to control fragrance, slide top lid to expose small amount of scented pad

Use :

in room, hotel, public house, restroom, garderobe, car, cab, meeting room, office, etc, whatever air needa to be improved

Price 100,000/pcs