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PUSAT LAYANAN|Total Station GOWIN TKS-202 Laser|Call.0813 8067 3290



Harga : Rp55,000,000.00(Nego)
Type : Di Jual
Waktu : 07/17/2018
Kondisi : Baru
Lokasi : Gotong Royong Residence No.4 Larangan Indah,Kota Tangerang 15154

The Gowin TKS-202 is ideally suited for all jobs requiring the accuracy and versatility of a high-quality total station. Its ease of use makes it ideal for construction jobs like layout. It’s 2-second accuracy makes it perfect for the most demanding surveying and measuring tasks. Its low price makes it the right choice for every budget.

The Gowin total station provides an accurate, low cost measuring solution featuring:

2″ angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.

Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for faster data input.

Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.

Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.

Single axis compensator with ±3′ compensating range.

IP54 environmental protection rating.

With a full alpha-numeric keypad and onboard memory that will hold up to 24,000 points, a 14-hour Li-on battery life, and an IP54 environmental rating, the TKS-202 is a full-featured instrument designed to meet the most rugged demands.

Onboard software includes functions such as road, missing line measurement and resection. For added efficiency, it is compatible with all current Topcon® and Sokkia® field controllers with a GTS series conventional total station driver installed.

Why work with out-dated instruments? The new Gowin TKS-202 lets you economically add the versatility and efficiency of a high-quality total station for all your layout, measuring, and surveying jobs.


Length 150mm

Object Lens Diameter 45mm


Magnification 30x

Minimum Focusing Distance 1.3mTILT CORRECTION

Tilt Sensor Single Axis

Method Liquid Type

Compensating Range ±3′


1 prism 2,000m

3 prism 2,700m

Accuracy ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) m.s.e.DISPLAY

Display Unit 2 side

Display Type Dot Matrix Graphic LCD

Keyboard 24 keys


Fine Mode 1mm: 1.2sec (Initial 4sec)

0.2mm: 2.8sec (Initial 5sec)

Coarse Mode 0.7sec (Initial 3sec)

Tracking Mode 0.4sec (Initial 3secBATTERY LIFE

Angle & Distance Measurement 14 h

Angle Measurement Only 60 h



Method Absolute Reading

Detecting System Horizontal Angle: 2

side, Vertical Angle: 1 side

Accuracy 2″OTHERS

Serial Signal Connection Yes

Environmental Protection IP54

Internal Data Memory 24,000 pts

Ambient Temperature Range -4˚F to

+122˚F (-20˚C to +50˚C)

Plummet Optical Only

*Sight haze with visibility about 20km (12.5miles) moderate sunlight with light heat shimmer.

Gowin Package

Standard Package includes:

TKS-202 (with lens cap)

Plastic carring box (with belt)

One on-board battery

One battery charger

One instruction manual

One tool pack (with one screwdriver, one rod pin and hex key wrench-set)

Silicon cloth